Still a work in progress

So having done a reasonable amount of tinkering I took the bike for it’s first proper day’s work yesterday, riding into town to have coffee with the girlfriend. The bike performed ok but the chain did rub on the chain guard, and did so with a regular “kerrang, pause, kerrang, pause” pattern which I was a little unsettled by. After getting it home (and I did really enjoy riding it) I had a little fiddle and there’s a fair amount of play in the chain side of the bottom bracket.

I would hypothesise, though I have no real evidence, that what’s happened is the bike’s been sat stationary for a long time with the bearings and grease in the same spot, and my riding the bike has revealed spots where they’ve been stuck, perhaps causing the problems to worsen. So it looks like a little more work is called for, and who knows what manner of evil I’ll find in those bearings…


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