Slowly expanding horizons

So with the bicycle up and running I’m starting to ride it more and more, and gradually riding further as my fitness improves. I haven’t ridden a bicycle regularly since my teens, and I’ve been a smoker since then too, so it’s no surprise that my legs are quite limited. I’m just gradually going further each time I go out so that each time I get home I’m just a little tired.

I did set off on quite an ambitious run yesterday to seek out a stretch of the abandoned Stafford to Uttoxeter railway line that’s been turned into a cycle path, but after half a mile or so I knew my legs didn’t have it in them so completed a much smaller circuit home. Today I sought out another path I didn’t know about until I looked at the cycle path map, and it’s a beautiful little run that goes under the west coast mainline railway line and out onto fields of gently grazing cows.
  Here’s the bicycle all complete with Brooks B66 saddle. It’s easily the most comfortable bicycle I’ve ever ridden. I had to move the handle bars down a couple of inches as I find the most comfortable riding position, which is leaning slightly forward with a bit of weight going through the handlebars. In time the saddle will probably need to move a little as I find what’s most comfortable. Incidentally the light above the rear brakes is one I’ve had for 15 years or so, and I’ve put it on as a bit of a good luck charm. It still works and unlike the Spanninga on the rear mudguard has a flashing mode.


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