Night Rider

  Well sadly I didn’t get the chance to complete my planned circuit earlier, foiled by circumstance and steady rain. By the time the weather had abated it was dark so I didn’t fancy riding on unlit paths. Instead I cycled a simpler, shorter route that I know is lit, including another trip along Two Waters Way, with lights that dim and brighten according to usage. Quite impressive!

There’s a stretch of the bridge that’s flat and straight for 200 yards or so, so for the hell of it I put my foot down and saw how fast I could go. It was really great, for a moment I was twelve again! I’m quite enjoying my evening rides, getting to see my neighbourhood when hardly anyone’s around. I did have to brake hard for some dim witted lady in a Vauxhall who didn’t see me despite my front light, and it occurred to me once I got home that I need to make myself a little more visible from the front and sides. 

I came back just nicely out of breath. The bike’s working pretty well, although there’s still a clunk in the crank which I can’t get the the bottom of. I fear the broken bottom bracket bearing I replaced may have done some permanent damage to the fixed cup, though I didn’t notice it when I was working on it.

After I got home I tried to download some photos from my phone and iTunes decided to unilaterally bugger up the contents of my phone. All I could think (once I’d stopped swearing) was “why can’t things these days be as simple, straight-forward and reliable as an old English three-speed?!”


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