Riding dirty

I did it! I went right round Fairway, over the canal across to Baswich and back and even managed to stop off at Asda on the way to buy some cigarettes. I was riding for more than three quarters of an hour, and I’m absolutely exhausted now. I know any reasonable cyclist wouldn’t regard this as much of a ride, but for me it shows my fitness is measurably improving all the time.

IMG_1225Everyone says it and it’s true: you take in so much more of your surroundings from a bicycle. There were a few cyclists about but I mainly seem to see dog walkers, and I saw a very cute little dog tied up outside Asda, shivering a little the poor thing. There was a rugby match going on at Riverway and Sunday League football at St Leonard’s. The weather was overcast, no rain but plenty of puddles. The pathways aren’t great if you’re interested in keeping your bike clean…

By an astonishing coincidence a former colleague of mine posted some photos of the route on Facebook this morning, so with any luck I might bump into him one day. I got a bit lost in Baswich, and got a little held up by a pair of Seikh road hogs who didn’t seem to hear my bell. I also had to go back on myself to pick up my saddle cover, which I discovered as I neared home had fallen out of my pocket – thankfully it wasn’t too far behind me, though it had fallen in a puddle! The only problem I encountered with the bike was the rear mudguard coming loose and rubbing on the tyre.

The countryside here is so lovely, I never get a chance to see much of it in my car. As I came back over Two Waters Way there were cows to the left of me, sheep on the right and an abundance of green all around. It was a nice way to spend an hour after lunch after a slightly stressful morning.


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