Rode into town for my usual coffee with the girlfriend this morning, and fairly quickly regretted not wearing gloves. We had a sprinkling of snow last night and it seems the icy blasts of  winter have arrived at last. I didn’t have any problems with ice or snow, but the puddles by the river were a little slushy.

Photo 21-11-2015 09 52 45 amSaw a couple of swans on the river, one which seemed rather young as it still had a few grey feathers. The town centre was all dolled up for switching on the Christmas lights tonight. 25 years ago my dad was mayor and me and my sister had the honour of turning them on. Always makes my girlfriend jealous!

I tried to ride back on the path that comes out by the flats at Pennycrofts, but had to walk most of it as it was all churned up mud and twigs lying about getting caught in the wheels. I used to use that path all the time back in the day. I hope they intend to keep it in use in the long term but it seems some vehicles have been using part of it for access to maintain part of Queensway viaduct.

I went out again for a ride round the same route as last week, this time the other way round. I saw the usual dog walkers but also more cyclists than last week, including a few parents with kids in tow. I’m gradually getting my mojo back in terms of confidence riding on roads amongst traffic, and it’s nice spending so much time outdoors. Fingers crossed conditions aren’t too bad next weekend…


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