Every car I have ever driven, part 3

Peugeot 306, Diesel, dual control

My driving instructor’s car, with a few little modifications. Not chrome alloys or anything, just bits of tape in the rear window to help with reversing, some padding under the clutch pedal to help with finding the bite point, that sort of thing. Writing about it reminds me of my driving instructor, a wonderful guy who had a very deft touch. I remember him constantly sipping from his thermos, and in general just being a dude. I remember having a few lessons while the fuel strikes were happening in 2000 and the instructor being impressed with my clutch control. Two sets of pedals in the car, and the only time the brakes were applied from the other side was on my first test – no need to ask how I did! The second time I took my test the gear lever jumped out of gear as I approached a roundabout not thirty seconds after we’d set off, but I think the cool way I handled it went along way to getting me a pass. Good car, but the 309 was better, I think this was the start of Peugeot’s slide into shitness.

VW Golf

This was a courtesy car, while Bertha was being serviced. A Golf, true, but aside from the slightly sportier seating position and a roomier interior it wasn’t that much better than a Polo. The size of it nearly caught me out once or twice. The hinged badge to open the boot was clever though. Volkswagens are very clever cars, sadly too clever by half it turns out!

Fiat Seicento

My ex’s car. A rattly little shitbox and horrendously unsafe if crash tests are anything to go by, it did to be fair have quite a lot of charm. Loved to rev. How can Fiats be so obviously terrible and yet so bloody charming? If I’d been driving this when the BAW hit us, I dare say there’s a fair chance I’d still be in a wheelchair.

Ford Transit

Hired this for a day to pick up my sister’s stuff from Leeds when she was at Uni there. Was pleasantly surprised by how it was so very easy to drive. It inspired confidence immediately. Scratched it a bit on a treacherously placed plant pot. Roomy, obvs.


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