Fellow travellers

  Another Saturday and another ride into town for coffee at Caffe Nero’s. For some reason my legs felt rather tired today, maybe it’s the heavy lifting I’ve been doing at work this week. Parked up in the usual place, and a few minutes later a lovely Raleigh Caprice with original tyres pitched up to keep my cycle company.

I rode back along the Isabel trail, less traffic today on account of rather strong winds which made riding rather more tiring than last week. There was a mountain bike cruising along ahead of me and I grinned a little as I – also cruising – gradually closed up behind it. When it turned off I had the lane to myself and took the opportunity to practise riding one-handed, which I’m not terribly good at.

I made a spectacular miscalculation about clothing, however, and got home pretty tired and absolutely bathed in sweat. Last week was just a shirt, coat, scarf, and gloves, so next week I’ll probably skip the hat and jumper. The wind was very frustrating, giving me no respite on the downhill sections, but on the plus side I’m a lot more confident dealing with junctions and looking round for traffic now.

Meanwhile I’ve found a delightful photoblog called Copenhagen Cycle Chic, packed full of Danes stylishly going about their business on bicycles. It’s nice to see so many examples of bicycles being used as a practical everyday tool rather than simply for recreation, and people wearing such normal clothes too. I’ve nothing against the Lycra brigade but I am clearly not of them and it’s nice to see riders I more closely resemble.


One thought on “Fellow travellers

  1. You’ve discovered the secret to getting better! YOU RIDE! That’s really all there is to it. Sure, you’ll learn more about your body than you thought wanted to and you’ll about your bike too, but the coolest thing about riding a bike is, wait for it……….riding your bike!


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