Christmas shopping on a bicycle

I’ve been trying to avoid using the car for silly trips to and from town, and I’ve done 26 miles in the last couple of weeks. Pretty small beer I know but it all helps. Of course, this means I’ve been doing a fair amount of my Christmas shopping on my bike. It hasn’t been easy, one day I had to stop buying because I simply ran out of space in my rucksack, but I could still browse and plan future trips. Still, it’s pretty cool that 60% or so of the presents I’ll be giving were picked up by bicycle.

The bike’s running nicely, and I’m getting a lot more confidence riding on the roads, dealing with traffic and so on. I don’t want to get too confident though, I’m pretty risk-averse with cars and that suits me fine. I want to combine the confidence I had as a teenager with the street smarts of the thirty-something I am now.

As for next year, I’m thinking if my current riding amounts to 13 miles a week then I don’t have to raise that too much to make over 1000 miles for the year. 19 1/4 miles a week is all it takes.


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