When your relatives notice you’ve become obsessed

Over the years I’ve had many obsessions, and it’s always interesting at Christmas to notice which obsessions those around me have cottoned on to. This year there were the inevitable bicycle-related presents, two from my girlfriend and two from my parents. 

Firstly, my Girlfriend bought me these notebooks: 


I’ve had my eye on those for a while, though I don’t really know what I’m going to use them for!

My parents (at my prompting it must be said) got me this Carradice saddle bag:

It looks really great on the bike, and I wanted it so I could carry a spare shirt when riding to my girlfriends house so I’m not sat there showing off just how much a man can sweat. I’m now thinking of all the other things I can fill it up with, and so far it contains Kendal Mint Cake, a can of Coke, a rain cover for the saddle, a little combination toolkit, a puncture repair kit and an emergency rain mac my girlfriend got me as a stocking filler. It’s also just long enough to squeeze a copy of The Times* in, which is handy. The drawback is I’ve now got £45 worth of saddle bag hanging off £45 worth of saddle, so I’m now doubly paranoid about locking the bike up out of sight. How in the hell am I in the situation where I’ve got £90 of thief-bait sat on what started out as a £30 bicycle?!

Finally, my parents got me this book:  

I’ve devoured the first two chapters in no time at all and it’s just perfect. Chapter 1 was about how frames are built, lugging, braising, welding, geometry, etc. Chapter 2 was a potted history of bicycles and the cycling ‘movement’. I’m just starting chapter three, which is describing a bike show at Earl’s Court. It’s a lovely little book and I thoroughly recommend it.

*yep, The Times. Not ‘The London Times’, good grief no. If you really must give it a location I will just about put up with the somewhat classier ‘The Times, of London‘. But reluctantly.


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