Thoughts turn to cricket

With the turn of the year and the start of England’s Test series in South Africa it’s inevitable that my mind has started turning to cricket and the season ahead. For those familiar with the game, I’m a slow loopy leg-spin bowler of a rather generous nature in the manner of “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, a pretty average fielder and a stubbornly low-scoring No.11 batsman, playing for my local club’s 4th XI. For those not familiar with the game, that will all be gibberish.

I seem to have quite a few American readers, so for their benefit at least the best introduction I can give is to show you this video, filmed in 1948 but capturing, I think, everything that makes cricket such a charming game. Let me venture to say that, having experienced it myself, to watch a Test match at Lord’s on a sunny day is pretty much as close to Heaven as I imagine one can get this side of the grave.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts turn to cricket

  1. This is really interesting, I must admit I have never actually watched cricket before. But I have also never really watched a game of American football and I live in the US! (I am just not a huge fan of any pro sport) I love the wheel that the scorekeeper dude turns to change the score of the board, I am guessing that has been replaced with something electronic by now 🙂


    • Yes and no, it depends where you go. There’s a huge scoreboard at Adelaide cricket ground that’s barely changed since the 1920s, and some of the older clubs I go to still have some old score huts with mechanical scoreboards. I remember one with huge 10-sided drums which you turned with a wheel on the scorer’s desk. Many are going electronic though.

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