The target for 2016

It’s New Year’s Eve, so it’s practically the law to post some sort of resolution I’m giving myself for 2016. Now this isn’t too earth-shattering or difficult, but achievable goals are important.

I’d like to cycle 1,000 miles in a year.

Yep, in a year. It’s pifflingly small, just 19.13 miles per week, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never riden that in a year even back when I was a kid, and that’s my goal. 2.73 miles a day. With next year being a leap year I even get a cheeky bonus day to fit it all in to.

What’s most important, though, is that at the end of the year I’m sticking to my no silly car trips to town rule, and still riding a bike. I already feel much healthier, fitter and most of all happier than I did just a few short weeks ago when I started riding again, and it’s important I guard against my usual tendency for activities in a particular area to peter out once the obsession’s worn off. So I’m going to give myself monthly targets first, and if I achieve close to my aim for three months there’s a decent chance the habit will have stuck. 

Right then, January: 85 miles to go…


2 thoughts on “The target for 2016

  1. Another way to help in this, at least for me, is to set up a spread sheet that you chart your daily miles with maybe notes on weather conditions and destinations or whatever info seems pertinent to you. Measuring has it’s purposes.


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