That’s torn it!

I got my first puncture today. I’d popped out for a closer look at the flood I rode through last night, and was on my way down to Two Waters Way to complete my daily quota when I noticed things were getting rather bumpy. I’d pumped up my tyres before leaving so I knew it wasn’t simply under inflation, and sure enough the rear was totally flat. I pumped it back up by the roadside, but it wouldn’t take the pressure. Thankfully I was only a five minute walk from home.

Now of course there’s a part of me that said a Stewie Griffin type “Blast!” at having an enjoyable ride curtailed, but there’s also the part of me that loves fixing stuff. It was a bit of a pain to have to take the rear wheel off again after I only got it nicely adjusted last night, but it had to be done. I rinsed off the wheel and brought it inside, and had a quick look for anything obvious, but couldn’t find anything, so I popped the tyre off.

Sometimes, it really helps if you follow good advice. I’d watched a video from the BikemanForU channel (highly recommended by the way) where he was showing a tyre change and suggested that, if you place the logo by the valve then when you find the hole in the tube you can use it as a reference to work back and find the article that caused the hole if it’s still in the tyre. Once the tyre came off I had a careful feel around but couldn’t find anything, then I found the hole in the tube and BINGO! 

There was a tiny shard of glass in the tyre, about 1mm thick and 6mm long, and it was extremely hard to spot even knowing where the tube had failed.

Boy have I had some practice fitting tyres in the past couple of months. I removed the original old tyres on my bike after I bought it and replaced them, did the same on my fiancĂ©’s new bike, transferred my front tyre from the steel rim to the new alloy, and after patching the tube here I was doing a sixth tyre fitting. I’m getting pretty slick at it, as you can imagine. I did get a bit of luck in that I was slightly careless putting the tyre on and just happened to fluke getting the directional tread the right way round. Phew!

Just a paltry 1.44 miles tonight, so I’m glad I got some extra miles in over the weekend to keep me on schedule. I’ve got a whole spreadsheet going to keep track of things, one of my followers Dan suggested it but I was way ahead of him – I use Excel all the time at work and I’m pretty good with it, you should see the spreadsheet I’ve got to keep track of all the cricket matches I’ve played! Bowling figures, balls faced, methods of dismissal, the full works. Currently in my “Mille Miglia” challenge I’m on 20.83 miles, which means despite the flooding and the puncture I’m still 7.17 miles in credit.


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