BikeWar’s missed opportunities

Just a brief one tonight. Every time I look up the tags ‘bicycle’ or ‘cycling’ I get a heap of posts from BikeWars imploring me to vote on which outlandish-looking skunk-works bike is the best. I think they’re missing something, there’s some very juicy ‘local derbies’* to be had if you just go a bit retro.

For example, yesteryear’s two big munitions manufacturers in Britain: Royal Enfield vs Birmingham Small Arms

And for a rivalry with some serious history: Saxon vs Norman

As a side note, it strikes me Royal Enfield’s “Made like a gun” slogan is half-finished. I’d have it read “Made like a gun, goes like a bullet.”

*a derby match is one that involves a fierce local rivalry, such as Manchester City vs Manchester United, or Portsmouth (historically a Royal Navy port) vs Southampton (merchant navy port). For Americans, just think Red Sox vs Yankees.


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