Lying fallow

Cycling wise, this week has been a dead loss. Tuesday aside I haven’t ridden at all, as the weather’s taken a chilly turn and I’ve had a nasty throat that I don’t intend to exacerbate. I’ve struggled to do any riding on Sunday’s lately, so I’m falling behind a little compared to a few weeks back. Next week should be better though, I’m not as all over the place at work for once so should be able to get a few rides in.

On Tuesday I had my first close encounter of the hinged kind, a black Audi (natch) that overtook me, parked up and then opened up just as I was about to pass. To be fair, I didn’t need to be within a door’s range as the road was pretty empty, and the door was quickly retracted as soon as the driver heard the first F of a certain swear word come out of my mouth. I was impressed with the quick swerve I managed to execute, too. It wasn’t that close to an actual accident, just a timely reminder that I need to stay alert when passing parked cars.

Meanwhile I’ve started getting the paint off bike #2. Sadly the paint stripper I bought doesn’t work at all, so I’m going through the laborious task of sanding the paint off with an electric drill. The dust isn’t doing much for my throat (yes I am wearing a mask) but the finish is pretty good, it’s just a very slow and boring process. Getting it done professionally would be a lot easier but firstly I can’t justify the expense and secondly it’s a point of principle that I do as much of the work as I can myself. This second bicycle’s turning into much more trouble than it’s worth, but I’m sure I’ll be pretty satisfied when I finally get to ride it.


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