A busy week

After not having cycled for six days due to my bad throat I had a bit of work to do to make up the lost distance. The last four nights I’ve done about 6 miles each, and today there was eight more. This puts me nicely back to my pre-illness buffer, now something like 27 miles ahead of schedule. It’s also the first week where I’ve topped 30 miles, and it’s just a little over 50km too.

I’ve been trying to ride on the road more, but I’m still using designated paths where these are available and practical. I’m mainly riding at night so the traffic’s pretty low, but it’s astonishing how my cyclists I come across with no lights at all, and not even reflectors. My new front light is quite a big improvement, bright enough to see by although it helps that I’m riding familiar routes – the other night I had the Isabel trail to myself and dodged the bumps largely from memory.

One thing I noticed this week was that on Tuesday, Wendesday and Thursday I did a 6 mile circuit each night and felt perfectly fine, but when I rode the 2.6 miles to my fiancé’s I was totally spent. This is the route that’s uphill for the last mile, and like a bleep test the hill gets progressively steeper as I get closer to my destination. Perhaps I need to do some more rides involving hills, and certainly there are some pretty steep rides in my neck of the woods, all leading to or from the top of Kingston Hill, which overlooks Stafford as far as the hill the other side where my fiancé lives… 

Today I had another small disappointment in terms of routes to ride, this time with canal paths. I did the run round to Baswich and back under the railway but took the canal path rather than go through the estate, and it was horrid! So muddy and rutted, possibly lots of fun for a mountain bike rider but not very useful for a tourer, I had one or two tail-happy moments and overall just didn’t enjoy it very much. I suppose there’s still hope that the path the other way (which doesn’t really lead anywhere commutable) is in better condition, but we’ll see.

Bike #2 is still waiting to have what remains of the paint taken off, as I simply haven’t had time to work on it lately. It did come in handy the other night when I readjusted my saddle and managed to snap the seat post bolt by over-torquing – I had an exact copy of the bolt on #2 so just swapped it straight over. I’m beginning to wonder if it’ll ever be rideable, but it should hopefully be ready by the time summer arrives.


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