The good news is it’s only flat on the bottom

I was hoping to kick off this week with a decent seven or eight miles ridden on Sunday, but when I came to get my bike out I found the rear tyre was flat. Dammit, not again…

This was a peculiar puncture. I’d noticed on my return on Saturday that the tyre was down a bit, and pumped it up straight away. Having found this rather sorry sight on Sunday I set about getting the rear wheel off (not the work of seconds on a three-speed) and took out the inner tube. I dunk tested it to find the hole, but didn’t find it until I pumped the tyre up a little. It was a tiny hole, and I had the usual buggering about getting the patch to stick. What really bothered me was I couldn’t find an obvious cause. I went over the whole tyre several times, but after half an hour I just drew a blank. This bothers me! I can only assume whatever caused it fell out or never became embedded.

Anyway, that was my Sunday riding kiboshed as I didn’t have a lot of spare time. I was away on Monday and did no riding yesterday. I did a short ride on Tuesday to shakedown the rear wheel installation, as fore some reason the wheel refuses to go back in correctly first time. As usual I had to have a second go tightening the chain, and the indicator chain took three goes to get right. I do know how to adjust this correctly, but for some reason it moves after I’ve adjusted it.

Anyway, tonight I had a nice 7.5 mile ride, first round through Baswich, then back along Beaconside, with some meandering through some of my old haunts I haven’t seen in a while. As I went under the railway line a freight train rolled past, a huge long thing probably about a mile long. I lifted the front of my bike up so I could use the light to see the logos on the containers, there were so many! It reminded me of my childhood, when I used to count the coal trucks heading for Rugely power station when we were out playing sports. I put in a couple of hills today, short but steep, and didn’t seem to have much trouble. 

I’m starting to struggle for rides that stretch me now, although tomorrow’s trip round to my fianc√©’s is usually quite an effort.


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