More mud

Knocked off another six miles today, trying out the canal path going the other way towards Radford Bank. Again it’s a bit crap unless you’re on a decent mountain bike, muddy and bumpy and sloped to one side. I got as far as Wildwood (well, Wildwood-ish, I’m not entirely sure where I was) and decided rather than go back the way I came I’d see if the path over the bridge led anywhere. 

The answer is it does, but it’s not really useable on my bike. There’s plenty of pockets of deep mud and it gets quite steep uphill, with lumps and bumps that get progressively more rocky the further up you go. I had to walk most of it, which at least meant I got to have a look around. There’s back gardens down one side and woodland on the other. I had no idea how long the path would be but eventually I heard the sound of cars and found a road.

I don’t really know my way around Wildwood estate, it’s not a part of town I’ve had much reason to visit. I didn’t know whether to take the road left or right, but chose left as this was the downhill option and I knew I had to go down to get back to the canal. The road was wonderfully smooth after all that mud and eventually I picked up the Cannock road and headed down towards Radford Bank, found the canal and went home.

I’m beginning to see the virtues of sticking to the road – there’s a lot less mud and bumps to contend with! I’m gradually building up my confidence in traffic but I’m not quite there yet. At least today I got back with no further punctures to mend!


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