Banking miles

Next week I won’t be able to do any riding Monday to Friday, as I simply won’t be in the same place my bike is. I could take my bike with me but I’d have problems bringing it back (my sister wants me to shift some of her stuff in my car as she’s moving to Germany) and there’d be the usual issues physically fitting the bike in the back of my rather small car. So unless I change my mind about taking my bike with me, I’ve got some inactive days coming up. 

Since I’ve known about this for a couple of weeks I’ve been keen to get some extra miles in so I’m still on target. I got this week’s allocation completed by Wednesday and have done another 15 miles in the last two days. So far I’ve done 231 miles this year, which puts me 54 miles (or nearly 20 days) ahead of my 1000 mile schedule. I’ve rejigged my spreadsheet so I can now adjust the target and it recalculates everything automatically, and my daily targets are set based on the proportion of days I’m active. For example, if my target was 21 miles in a week, only three days of which I’d be riding, the old spreadsheet would give me a daily target of 3 miles, whereas now it would say 7. If I ride more often my daily target goes down, ride less and it goes up. It’s good as it gives me a more realistic number to aim for than 2.73 miles a day.

There was big news in Stafford this week as a large fire ripped through a warehouse full of cleaning products on Wednesday, and last night I saw the barriers they’ve put across the river to contain spilt chemicals. It was quite a big fire, which took place right next to the Isabel trail, and today I rode past to see for myself. The picture isn’t the best with all those weeds in the way but you get the idea:

It was still smouldering a little, and it’s rather interesting to look at such an unusual sight. You’ll see on the left the remains of one end of the warehouse, which previously would have extended beyond the right edge of the frame. There’s still charred barrels of God-knows-what inside, and little pyramids of brickwork that was once part of a continuous wall.

After I reached the end of the trail today I turned left rather than right, to investigate the cycle lane further along Beaconside. There was another tough headwind to contend with, but I got there in the end. I crossed the road and ventured down Marston Lane for a bit, and tomorrow I think I’ll go back and see how far I can go on it. It’s a nice little lane, not too narrow and with nice views either side. It’s also a lane I’ve never been down before, so I don’t know how safe the rest of it is, but we’ll see. 


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