Busy evenings

I’m getting rather good at making up for lost time. After my dead week last week I had this week’s quota done last night and now the rest is pure profit. I know I go on about my schedule rather a lot on here but I honestly think it’s responsible for me doing about four times as many miles as I would have done without it. I’m now past 250 miles, so I’m more than a quarter of the way there!

Last night I got the chainguard off and gave the chain a bit of a clean. It gets so dirty in there I’m wondering if a full chaincase might be advisable, although that would of course detract from the originality of my restoration. The chain cleaning tool I’ve got doesn’t seem to like the quick release link, which kept getting stuck, but it came out clean one way or another. The sprockets were all gunked up to so I cleaned them pretty thoroughly with a sponge. Wiped and re-oiled I hit the road, and it did feel better though that’s probably just placebo effect.

Last night’s ride was relatively modest, a smudge under five miles round the Baswich path and back. I’m definitely getting more confident about riding on the roads, though at the time of day I’m riding the traffic is preposterously light. I saw a rabbit hopping about, and he gave me a rather bewildered look.

Today I rode into town rather quickly to meet my fiancĂ© for coffee at Costa. Their Bakewell tart is MINDBLOWING. After that I rode to Halfords to have a bit of a browse, then rode home and had dinner before setting off again on a new route. Well I say new, but I used to ride down St Thomas Lane quite often when I was a teenager. 

What was new was to ride it at night, which was a rather lonely experience with no street lamps and no visible wildlife. I’m sure the view would have been lovely in daylight but as I was I was just peering into the inky night looking for potholes, of which there were a few I had to dodge. Turning left I had rather a challenging hill to climb, and was grateful to reach the traffic lights that signalled the start of a coast back to the outskirts of town.

Get me – not only on the road, but out in the countryside, at night. Granted, I do know this road pretty well so I know it’s reasonably wide and not terribly busy this time of night. Next up is to do a slightly longer loop past the crematorium and down to the Uttoxeter Road. Maybe some night next week…


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