Out of the comfort zone

Today I ventured further down Marston Road, having already done a decent length ride just to get there. I’ve ridden over 17 miles today, a new record for me that’s pushed me past 50 miles in a week for the first time. I am pretty tired though, and I’m not sure how much further I could have gone. It depends on the pace I’d need to maintain, and sometimes I do catch myself out by starting off as if I’m being chased by a hungry bear and finding myself rather tired after a short distance.

I started off doing the loop round to Baswich, then the path round the back, back over Two Waters Way, then headed towards Beaconside. I really was feeling quite knackered at this point and thought about heading home, but again my schedule came into play as I knew more than 15 miles in the day would put me over 50 for the week. These little targets are often the difference between turning back and pressing on! I headed down Beaconside and took it easy, seems I wasn’t so tired after all. I got to Marston Road and this time I carried on a bit further, along a fairly narrow lane – definitely a daylight-only route for me, not only because of the width but also because of the enormous potholes at the side of the road.

It was lovely to be out in the countryside, and there wasn’t anyone around. I did get a little tired and once I’d reached the point where I knew I couldn’t get back without breaking 15 miles for the day I stopped and took a breather, and refreshed myself with a can of Coca-Cola I’d brought with me. Having got the Strava app on my phone last week I can show you exactly the route I followed:

The stop did wonders for me and as I was heading back I wondered whether to return down Beaconside or head up Common Road and find the Isabel Trail. I chose Common Road and then cut in to look around the industrial estate, cycling past the ceiling tile factory where I had my first job (and booing at Bostik – I applied for a job there a couple of years ago but they never got back to me. How rude!). I found the trail, but decided to pay a visit to the VW garage to inquire about servicing my car, then headed back home. 

That 50 mile week has now pushed my surplus beyond 65 miles, and with not too much additional effort I should be able to end March with a full month’s worth of distance in reserve. My bike’s hardly skipped a beat, just one slight problem with the gears slipping which is easy to fix. I haven’t even had a puncture! I think this is because I’m now doing much more of my riding on roads rather than paths, but it could just be a statistical anomaly reverting to the norm!

By the way, you might recall I said the ride to my fiancĂ©’s is a bit of a challenge on account of the last mile being increasingly uphill. Well here’s the proof:



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