A lonely ride and a minor upgrade

The other day I noticed a few spots where the coating of Crichton’s brake lines had worn away, so decided to fit some new cables. Since I had to buy a new Weinmann 730 caliper for Bike #2, or at least a second hand non-bent one, and since they tend to be sold in pairs, I decided to put the spare one on the front of Crichton. This took a little time so I left the rear for now. 

My front caliper (the original steel one) is in better shape than the rear, so when I get round to the rear I’ll swap the caliper arms over – I couldn’t use the 730s as they don’t have enough reach on the rear. Quite why a frame would be built with different reach front to rear I can’t imagine, but they’ll have made millions like this. I might take the opportunity to try riding the bike with no rear brakes at all for a bit to evaluate how I’d feel about that for Bike #2. It might be that if I go without the rear brake I could use the brake cable braze-ons to route the gear cable through. 

Anyway, after getting sidetracked by a rather interesting TV show I set off at about 8 this evening for a ride. The weather was lovely earlier today but one thing and another held me up so it was night-time or nothing.

My legs did feel a bit limp after all yesterday’s exertions, and I had the usual moments of contemplating the easy way out. Instead I decided to just pace myself, riding at about 12mph and not trying to be a hero on the uphill bits. I rode down two of my usual haunts, the Isabel Trail and the one out to Baswich, with only my light to see by. There was absolutely no-one around, just the odd fox or cat or swan.

Just short of 9.2 miles tonight, and all in one go with no stops except for traffic lights. If I hadn’t had all that effort yesterday I wonder how far I could really go at a steady pace. Hopefully next week I’ll get to find out, as I’ve got the whole week off.


One thought on “A lonely ride and a minor upgrade

  1. You’ll get used to the multiple day hard rides… it takes a lot of work to get there but, with proper slow recovery rides, I can go 60 days without a day off now. As for hard rides, I’m capped at about 4 in a row. Keep pedaling, it gets a lot better and faster with saddle time.


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