Bits and bobs but not much action.

I’ve had a tiring week with a lot of early starts, and as such the bike’s hardly gone anywhere. I think deep down my long rides at the weekend have given me an excuse not to go out riding, and today when I saw it rain for the first time in what seems like a while I did feel a bit silly – now I’ll have to ride in the rain to keep up with my targets! Fool!

Anyway, I’ve taken delivery of these beauties:


48 tooth on the left, 44 tooth on the right. Due to a catastrophically amateurish ebaying strategy I ended up with both by accident, but I suppose it gives me options for Bike #2. I’m not sure what the chainring on Chrichton has but it looks like it’s 46 from comparison with these two. It’s probably a little under-geared for me now so I could see if the 48 fits under the chainguard. The 44 meanwhile might be a good low number for a single speed #2. We’ll see.


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