I don’t like Mondays…

…for the simple reason that for logistical reasons I’m separated from my bike by a distance of about 70 miles, and therefore can’t do any riding. Seems such a waste, but it gives me an enforced day of rest. Absence makes the heart grow fonder I suppose. After my marathon last few days I’m pleased to say I’m not feeling any the worse for it, and going up the stairs today my legs felt very strong indeed. Too bad all that cycling has yet to shift more than the odd pound off my waistline.

Anyway, here’s a picture of some cows I took on Thursday:


2 thoughts on “I don’t like Mondays…

  1. Well I think there’s been a healthy shift from visceral to sub-cutaneous fat, and I noticed last night that my resting heart rate has reduced noticeably. I think I need to look at my diet really.


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