Thou shalt not covet…

There’s a bike I see a couple of times a week, locked to the same railing. It’s just bloody gorgeous. What adds to the charisma is it’s there when I arrive at 8 and gone when I leave at 5, but I have absolutely no idea who owns it! Here it is, in all its Reynolds 531 double-butted glory:

I think part of my fascination with it is that it’s the ONLY bike I see (out of about 30ish in this location) that has a lugged frame, and most of the others are mountain bikes or those ghastly mountain-esque ‘hybrids’ that look as if they just be terrible at everything. There’s the odd modern road bike, and if you were a crook they’d be the prize, but they just don’t strike me as being terribly special. This Harry Hall, on the other hand, is just so… interesting.

Anyway, knocked off another ten miles this evening. It would have been nice to do some exploring but there wasn’t enough light to see unfamiliar potholes, so I stuck to what I know. I do need to branch out into some new routes again…


4 thoughts on “Thou shalt not covet…

  1. I think coveting a bike is absolutely the right thing to do. I was falling out of love, no, I’d fallen out of love with my mountain bike and with mountain biking in general until I saw a mates new bike sat outside the pub last year. I couldn’t get it out of my mind and ordered one a week later.. it’s reignited my love the sport and am glad of that pub stop.. keep coveting, lust is good for the soul


  2. That definitely looks like a nice bike. I am more and more drawn to vintage bikes. I see a lot of expensive machines both road and mountain and none of them get me excited anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m happy with the two I have? But if I see a nice steel lugged bike I take a second and third look. Yet I have a really nice steel bike too that I love and I still covet another vintage . There is something about them that induces covetousness, maybe it’s the history. Those older bikes were made in a time when there were a lot of smaller manufacturers (before they all became one big one) a time that seems to be coming back with all the new frame builders appearing.


  3. Hi. I hope you don’t mind but I nominated you for a Liebster award, you can read about it on my blog post here - It’s just a bit of fun hope you able to join in if not, it’s fine.


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