Ground control to Major Tom

Well my new bike is nearly fully restored, and it’s taken less than a week. ALL the bearings have been cleaned and regreased, cages replaced with loose bearings, and wheels aside everything on it is just as clean as I can get it. All that’s left is the pedals (I think I dropped a bearing so need to buy some new ones, certainly one pedal had 26 bearings come out of it and in the other I only found 25) and bar tape which is in the post and due tomorrow. I’ll worry about the saddle later.

I took it for a little test ride up and down a cul-de-sac around the corner from me, and it runs VERY nicely. The front derallieur needed a slight repositioning, but the high and low settings are spot on front and rear and the rear derallieur works just perfectly. I read online a few people saying the Sunrace Vx was very nearly as good as a contemporary Campagnolo apart from weighing 7g more, all I can say is it’s the best derailleur I’ve ever personally used.

Getting used to derailleurs again was very strange, I’m so used to my hub gears now and will have to re-learn a lot. The riding position was a huge change, as well as the feel of the much narrower handlebars and there were a few squirrelly moments reaching down to adjust the downtube shifters. It’s a bit like the sportscar you always promised yourself that turns out to be a bit of a handful. One other curiosity was how silent it was when pedalling – again I’m used to the soothing tick-tick-tick of a three-speed. This bike’s going to take some getting used to…


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