Coffeeneuring: Day 2

Distance: 5.18 miles

Bicycle: 1987 BSA folder a.k.a. “Goldfinger”

Venue: Gusto Ricco Caffe, Royal Leamington Spa

Purchase: Double espresso and a crepe with grenadine – £5.50

Marks out of 5 for the cafe: 5! Again!

Bike friendliness: Quite easy to reach, bike lock up about a minute’s walk away. 

Other stops: None (should have stopped at the Co-Op but forgot!)

Today I repeated my trick of riding in to Leamington with no plan, and just trusting for an interesting, open cafe to be found. All the best journeys are unplanned in my experience… I set out at 4:30ish so most shops had closed. I rode past the bike shop I popped into on Friday and this place – Gusto Ricco – hove into view. It didn’t close until 6 so I went back on myself, parked up outside Broadribb’s and wandered up the street.

On my pannier I’d brought the book I’m reading at the moment, of which more later. As I went in I was greeted by two waitresses, and asked for a table for one. I picked a table next to the window, and spotted a toy model of a red Sunbeam land speed record car, which seemed a good omen. I didn’t know what to get, except that it shouldn’t be mocha again, so I just ordered an espresso. The coffee arrived, with a glass of water provided – that’s a new one on me! 

I took a couple of sips of my espresso and started to read a bit. Flashman On The March is the twelfth and last book in the Flashman series, and it’s about a fictional British soldier who gets caught up in a series of historical events, so every know and then he bumps into Abraham Lincoln, Otto Von Bismarck, and the like. Here’s the blurb for the first book:

CAN A MAN who is expelled from Rugby School as a drunken bully, who wantonly seduces his father’s mistress, who lies, cheats and proves a coward on the battlefield, who romps his way through the boudoirs of Victorian Britain to the erotic frontiers of her Empire, BE ALL BAD?

Well, you get the idea. He’s not exactly a feminist icon but he’s not meant to be a role model and the books are terrifically funny. I had a bit of a read and ordered a crepe, one of my favourite things. The crepe arrived and I made pretty short work of it – my espresso also didn’t last long. I really need to work on not rushing these trips!

So to summarise, a really interesting Cafe, the espresso did everything an espresso is meant to do, the crepe was delicious and very nicely presented, and the service was good. And my bike is still ridiculous to ride.


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