Coffeeneuring: Day 6

Distance: 5.55 miles

Bicycle: 1987 BSA folder a.k.a. “Goldfinger”

Venue: Corleone Cafe, Royal Leamington Spa

Purchase: Double espresso, crepe with sugar, lemon and whipped cream

Marks out of 5 for the cafe: at least 5!

Bike friendliness: So so. I suppose the way they set some of the the roads up in a one-way system helps to make the roads a bit friendlier, but there are still rows of parked cars I’d rather not ride past and there simply are not enough convenient places to lock up a bike in Leamington. Also much of the cycle path into town is badly in need of some maintenance.

Other stops: None

I’m quite excited to write my coffeeneuring post today, because today’s cafe was absolutely mega.

The coffeeneuring rules changed this year to allow weekdays, but in a way I find it much more of a challenge to fit a trip in during the week because firstly I don’t get home from work until ten to five, and secondly being at a latitude of 52ish degrees means it’s starting to get dark pretty early now. The sun’s started setting before 6, and when the clocks go back in a week or two that’ll be 5.

That reminds me of something someone said to me in a pub once. “Nights are closing in early these days” said I. “Aye.” said he. “Oh well, they’ll soon start getting longer again” I said, to which he replied “Mmmm. I hope so…”

So after a brief sit down after work I set off into town on the hunt for coffee. I’d reconnoitered my intended destination a few days ago, but still managed to get slightly lost on the way. The cafe was a fair way (about 8 minutes walk) from where I locked up my bike, but I might have found somewhere closer if I knew Leamington better. I still have the impression that Leamington’s bike infrastructure is a bit half-baked, even if my lower confidence on unfamiliar roads plays a part. 

So I got to the cafe at about 5:25, and looked in the window for opening times. There weren’t any so I wandered in and asked the waitress what time they close. “At six” she said, so I asked if I had time for a coffee and a snack, and after she agreed I found a table. I ordered a double espresso and a crepe (I’m always a sucker for crepes) and took a look around. There’s barely a square inch of this cafe that isn’t covered in some photo or poster or advert:

It was absolutely fascinating. And Cafe Corleone is a pretty cool name. After a little wait, my refreshments arrived:

I was a little conscious of the time, and didn’t want to overstay my welcome, so I wolfed down the crepe in five minutes flat. It was delicious. I’ve had better crepes, to be sure, but it did the job well enough. The espresso was very nice, possibly the best coffee I’ve ever had, and the flavour stayed in my mouth all the way home. It had such a complex taste. The service was acceptably good and the staff were very friendly. The whole place had a really nice feel to it and I’ll definitely be going back. Hopefully next time I won’t be quite so rushed!


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