Highlights from a year of cycling

January, February, March: The year started well enough, with lots of time on the bike doing relatively short rides as I built my fitness up. There was the drama of the flood that I rode into by accident, and in February the incredible tedium of five punctures in a very short space of time. In the whole of the rest of the year I’ve had one puncture… I also purchased my second bicycle, though to date this is still just a pile of components. I doubt I’ll ever complete it, though the spares have been handy.

April, May: I started to branch out a bit as spring arrived, and gradually edged further down the lane to Aston. I do remember reaching Aston Marina as being a significant achievement, and it gave me the confidence to enter the July sportive. The countryside looked really lovely at this time of year, and I was very much enjoying the novelty of exploring it.

June, July: June was a curious month, with no really big rides but very consistent activity. I bought and restored Major Tom, which was lots of fun, and managed to keep the spreadsheet ticking over. July was an incredible month, with over 250 miles ridden. There was a brief heatwave that made everything so hot, I was riding my bike all the time I could just to get some moving air to cool me down. The RideStaffs sportive was fun, and it gave me a good idea of what my level was. By the end of July I’d cracked 1,000 miles, which was a great feeling. There was also the Pokemon Go Scourge

August, September: these were pretty average months, and I didn’t post very much here. A lot of time was spent getting the hang of riding Major Tom, and a change to a shorter stem helped to give me a better fit. I acquired the little Raleigh Wisp that’s still midway through refurbishing, and also the larger Raleigh that my housemate still hasn’t started working on. Plenty of miles but most of them pretty unmemorable.

October, November, December: This period started promisingly with the Coffeeneuring challenge, part of which I performed on my newly acquired folding BSA. I found some really lovely cafes in Leamington, and drank some delicious coffee. October was a half-decent month but November was absolutely dreadful – I just felt too ill to ride for most of it, and my total of barely 30 miles was extremely frustrating. I’ve made up for it to some extent in December, and thankfully so far the weather has been OK to ride in. I also built some wheels for Major Tom and seem to have done quite a decent job.


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