Bailing out

Twice this weekend I’ve planned out a ride and then bailed out in the middle. It sucks a bit, but I had my reasons. Weekends take on such an annoyingly formulaic pattern for me these days, and much of it seems to get in the way of me riding my bicycle.

All week I’d been looking at maps thinking up a route out to Milford, about 6 or 7 miles each way. I decided I was going to try it out on Saturday afternoon, but then things came along that meant I had to move this back a bit, and it wasn’t until 3 that I was ready to leave. This gave me maybe an hour and a half of good light, so it didn’t start too promisingly. I got over to Baswich without too much trouble, then got a tiny bit lost before I found the way through to Kingston Hill. I climbed up Old Croft Road and kept going to find Brockton lane, but it got extremely narrow. Three things started to play on my mind: 1) it was barely wide enough for one car, never mind a car passing a bicycle 2) it was downhill, so if I went the way I’d planned I’d be climbing slowly uphill just as the light was fading, on a narrow road 3) I had no idea of the surface quality and would rather not find out in poor light. So I bailed out, and decided I’d have to wait for another day.

Today I had a more familiar route planned, and again things conspired to waste all my daylight hours on things that did not include riding my bicycle. So I left the house at 5pm, it was dark and drizzling, and I went on my way. My glasses very quickly got covered in drizzle and I could hardly see what was ahead, and after about five miles of this I took my glasses off. I can see ok without as I’ve got one good eye, but somehow the fact the rain was now hitting my face more just crystallised in me that this ride was just wet and miserable and maybe I ought to call it. I heard of someone pulling out of an event describing their condition as NHF instead of DNF, and “not having fun” was definitely how I felt. Just the 6.21 miles today then. 

It’s so frustrating having the sun set so early, having things constantly fill up what daylight I do get, and have the weather today be so universally horrid. I suppose it’s also a bit of post-Christmas blues at not having the same amount of free time. 


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