Errandonnee 1: The shake-down

Date: 20th May 2017, around 5pm

: 1987 BSA 3-speed a.k.a. “Crichton”

: Non-store errand

One thing learned/observed
: The locks in Caffe Nero’s toilets turn the wrong way

: 3.35

: 3.35

The first day of Errandonnee and already I’ve got my first sortie under my belt. I fitted Crichton’s new rear wheel (100% assembled and trued by me) last night so today I needed to get the bike out and check on how I’d done. Superficially this may have looked like a gentle jaunt to Nero’s for a cheeky coffee, but this was serious stuff… After all, this is my chief errand bike so if I’m to complete the errandonnee I need to know it works ok.

Here’s the new wheel. Curiously from having been the rustiest, dirtiest part of the bike it’s been instantly transformed into the cleanest, newest part. That orange-looking stuff under the mudguard is mud rather than rust, by the way (it is a mudguard after all). The orange-looking stuff under the rear light is rust, however. The new wheel’s spokes are stainless rather than ‘rustless’, and the rim is alloy, so as well as a slight weight saving (622g for the rim vs 757g) the big gain is no more unsightly rust to worry about.

Here’s a close-up of the hub, all shiny and new. You’d never believe it was thirty years old, but the stamping says ‘1 87’ so we know it is. It had a good clean inside and out, I’m terrible at remembering to do the ‘before’ pictures but rest assured it was absolutely filthy. I wonder what it is about Sturmey Archer chrome that makes it so much more resilient compared to other Raleigh chrome?

Anyway, I hadn’t got far before it became apparent that the gears weren’t working correctly, so I stopped for the usual re-adjustment of the indicator chain that always seems to follow when I fit the rear wheel. SA says quite clearly that the indicator chain should be adjusted so that the notch lines up with the end of the axle, but on this hub it has to come further out as the clutch is a bit worn. Only a two minute job, if that. 

From here on I had no problems of any kind. I got into town, had a nice white chocolate mocha and came home. On the way I saw a friend from the cricket club and gave him a wave. I had to dodge some glass on the riverside path, some twat drops a bottle or two on that path every week or so and it’s a right pain. Maybe next time I spot some glass I’ll complete another errandonnee with a broom to sweep the stuff up. Sadly it’s a bit too dark now.

*Errandonnee 2017 Miles to date

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