Errandonnee 2: Rim tape and rain

Date: 20th May 2017, around 7pm (dark)

Bicycle: 1987 BSA 3-speed a.k.a. “Crichton”

Category: Store

One thing learned/observed: Glasses + rain = kaleidoscope. Other than that I could barely observe a damn thing!

Miles: 5.41

E17MTD*: 8.76

With my wheel nicely checked out it was time for another little Errandonnee, this time to Halfords for a few bits and bobs. All I actually went for was rim tape, because I need some to put on the new wheels when I re-true them, but I came back with this little lot:

To wit:

  • 2x 26″ rim tape
  • Cone spanners (I’ve needed these for a while)
  • Brake blocks (on sale)
  • Pump fittings (50p!)

I decided to take the long way home via the Isabel trail, and obviously at my greatest distance from home it started raining. Crichton’s such a solid ride that the only real problem with this is visibility, as my glasses very quickly become a massive impediment to seeing clearly. One of my eyes is near-perfect so I can peer over the top, usually if I know it’s going to rain I wear thinner glasses so I can do this more easily. Not today sadly.

The Isabel Trail is an understandably lonely place after dark, I didn’t see a single person. It’s very dark, but I can just about see enough with my light and can remember where most of the larger bumps are. To give you an idea, this is the well-lit part:

It does look brighter in person, rest assured! I got home rather damp but the bike is running incredibly well. How much is placebo effect I don’t know but it’s nice to have a little upgrade. If you can disregard the odd squeak and rattle I don’t think Crichton rode this well new, and happily my earlier adjustments seem to have sorted any problems with 2nd gear. 


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