Errandonnee 3: My favourite…

Date: 21 March 2017, around 9:30pm (dark)

Bicycle: 1987 BSA folder a.k.a. “Goldfinger”

Category: You carried WHAT on your bike?!

One thing learned/observed: The Co-Op do incredibly cheap pizzas!

Miles: 1.70

E17MTD: 10.46

I hadn’t planned on doing a ride tonight, my first priority was swapping out the brake cables on my little folding bike. It still had the original cables and the rear cable (like those on ladies’ bikes) slopes down then up and must have corroded from water collecting in the dip – the rear brakes never worked very well. I’d bought a length of new cable (the modern type, with the inner plastic tubing) a few weeks ago but finally got round to fitting it, and the problem has instantly disappeared.

Anyway, I’d got no food in the house and my tummy was rumbling, so I thought I’d pop to the local Co-Op and see what I could find. I didn’t see much that took my fancy until I got to the freezer counter. I’m a sucker for pizzas, but I just thought “no, that’s too daft even for my silly bike”, but then I saw the price: £1.09 for a pepperoni pizza! I HAD to find out if it was any good or not. So sure enough, here’s a pizza on the back of my silly bike:

I knew those bungee chords would prove a sound investment… I tried my best to string out the ride but the simple inescapable fact is my house isn’t very far from the Co-Op (which is kinda the point of a local convenience store) so the ride was just 1.70 miles. It was lots of fun though, riding around thinking what a sight I looked with that pizza strapped to the back of that bicycle. When I got home the pizza was still very much in one piece and went straight in the oven. It’s not the greatest pizza in the world but it’s definitely worth the money! Meanwhile my housemate spent 23 times as much to watch his football team play terribly and lose to Coventry City…

A £1.09 pizza, carried on a £30 bicycle. Bargains both!


2 thoughts on “Errandonnee 3: My favourite…

  1. Meanwhile my housemate spent 23 times as much to watch his football team play terribly and lose to Coventry City blimey you dont mean to say the sky blues actually won a game


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