Errandonnees 10 & 11: the wedding wild card

Date: 25th March 2017, around 4pm

Bicycle: 1987 BSA 3-speed a.k.a. ‘Crichton’

Categories: Wild Card (route planning), Personal Business (at the Post Office)

Things learned/observed: There was a strange bright yellow thing in the sky, I have a feeling I’ve seen it before but not for some time. The box I bought was too small…

Miles: 4.54

E17MTD: 35.19

So the architect of the Errandonnee, Chasing Mailboxes, included a wild card category with the instruction “surprise me”. Here’s my best effort: an Errandonnee to detail the route from my fiancée’s house to the church we’re going to get married in, so that our driver knows where he’s going.

Here’s the steep bridge over the railway line, with the Royal Mail depot on the left. He needs to get in the right hand lane as he gets to the crest.

Over the crest, he’ll go straight ahead past the Peugeot garage on the left and Tesco on the right.

On the right here is my dad’s old school. He needs to take a right after the pedestrian crossing to go round the back of the church.

Here he needs to carry on past the first junction on the left before the no entry signs send him left. The rear of the church is 90 degrees to the left from this viewpoint.

This is the road he’ll get sent down, turning left at the end.

And here we are, this is the church I’m going to be married in!

After that I suddenly remember I did actually have a very important errand to run and was running out of time before the Post Office shut. It’s now late March, and my sister’s birthday was in early February, so it really is about time I sent her present… She lives in Germany now, so I needed a parcel box to put her presents in.

I went into WH Smith and upstairs to where the post office part is, but it took me a while to find the stationery. They have cardboard parcel boxes for sale in several sizes, and I had to think for a while as to which would be big enough. In the end I bought the largest one I could fit in my bag but it turns out it’s too small to fit everything in…

I then popped across to the bookshop and bought a collection of George Orwell’s essays I’ve had my eye on for a while. I really like Orwell’s writing, there just seems to be an efficiency and honesty about it that agrees with me. I got a muffin in Starbucks and sat down for a little read. As an example, one of his wartime essays starts as follows: “As I write, highly civilised human beings are flying overhead, trying to kill me.” In another, he writes “As for the final period [of the Great War], if you ask me to say truthfully what is my chief memory, I must answer simply – margarine.”

I thought about entering this as the final Errandonnee under the “Arts and Entertainment” category, but I had a better idea for my last one, which you’ll see shortly. Here then, as evidence of my trip to the post office, is the afore-mentioned too-small box and receipts for both this and the book:


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