Errandonnee 12: Mother’s Day

Date: 26th March 2017, around 11am

Bike: 1987 BSA 3-speed a.k.a. ‘Crichton’

Category: You carried WHAT on your bike?

One thing learned/observed: a cyclist with a trailer, first time I’ve seen one in Stafford.

Miles: 3.19

E17MTD: 38.38

Since my fiancée went shopping in Birmingham on Saturday we postponed our normal Caffè Nero trip to Sunday morning. We had our usual car vs bike race to the town centre, which I won by a hilariously large margin. It took me just 8 minutes to get there (1.6 miles) and on the way I was somewhat taken aback to pass a cyclist towing a trailer. It’s a very encouraging sign, you know cycling’s taking off in a locality when you see bona-fide transportation cyclists around the place. Maybe he was on an Errandonnee? All the cyclists were out this weekend, I wonder where they’ve been all winter. Soft buggers…

We had our coffee, read the paper, argued a little about wedding invites and then went our separate ways (not permanently, you understand), and I headed back to the riverside. I stopped off at Marks & Spencer’s to get some flowers for my mum, as it’s mothers’ day in the UK. I try to get tulips if I can, they have an extra significance because I’m told on the day I was born all the tulips in our garden bloomed. I managed to gently wedge the tulips between my saddlebag and the laces tied to my saddle springs, and it was reasonably secure for a gentle mile’s ride home. My mum was very pleased with them, and I told her “I’m not sure if they’ve come from Amsterdam but they did come by bicycle!”

So here we are, the final Errandonnee! It’s all complete!

photo 26-03-2017 11 49 03 am-1



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