Errandonnee 2017 control card

Here’s a little summary of my Errandonnee rides, 9 rides in all covering the 12 different errands and a total of 38.38 miles in the space of a week. I’ve really enjoyed it, and I’ve seen and learned a few interesting things along the way.

20th March

#1: The shake-down (Non-store errand)

#2: Rim tapes and rain (Store – bike shop)

21st March

#3: My favourite… (You carried WHAT on your bicycle?)

22nd March

#4: Keep Calm and Carry On (Personal care)

23rd March

#5: The Leamington Licker (Wild card – exploration)

24th March

#6: Cops, cats and fish & chips (Social call)

25th March

#7, 8 & 9: Stafford in the Springtime (Personal business – cashpoint, non-store errand – haircut, personal care)

#10 & 11: The wedding wild card (Wild card – wedding route recon, personal business – Post Office)

26th March

#12: Mother’s Day flowers (You carried WHAT on your bicycle)

If you ask me, my highlight would have to be the trip into Warwick (#5). I got so totally lost but ended up finding out about the 1950s boxer Randy Turpin, and hearing the chimes of St Mary’s church. It’s given me a nudge to get my folding bike out, and while it’s by no means the most comfortable bike it does what it says on the tin – gets me someplace quickly and efficiently. I think what I’ve found most remarkable about Errandonnee is how easy I found it to complete. It brings it home to me just how much my bicycles have become a part of my everyday life in the last year and a half.


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