God damn the pusher

I was reminded of the opening song of the film Easy Rider today, as yet again I left the bike shop with a bag full of stuff and a slightly lighter wallet. The song’s called ‘the Pusher’. My own particular pusher is the guy in the bike shop, and it’s becoming a bit of a problem. Here’s my latest “score”:

So we’ve got a set of ‘new old stock’ Weinmann brake pads for future use, some cable ends, a sprocket to lower the gearing on my fiancée’s three-speed, and bottom left are four of those little wedges to help you shove the tyre between the brake blocks when changing wheels. Nowadays they tend to be integrated into the pads themselves. Here they are on Major Tom’s rear brakes:

Obviously they’re designed principly to save vital time when you’re in the latter stages of a race such as Paris-Roubaix and get a puncture, and as such they are officially very pro. I’ve been looking for them online for quite a while without much success, but Henry Burton’s just had them hanging around and threw them in for free! (The rest cost £20) A happy side benefit is they also make it much easier to adjust the brake cable as you can more easily pinch the brakes tight.

What did I go in for? Old school cloth bar tape, which they didn’t have! God damn the pusher…


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