My Bikes

1. Crichton


‘Crichton’ is a BSA 3-speed dated 1987, named after the central character in the film The Admirable Crichton. I bought him from a guy in Cannock for £30. At that point he was quite forlorn with dead tyres, rusty kinked wheel rims and a torn saddle. Since then I’ve gradually restored him a bit at a time, not being too fussy about being precisely period-correct but preserving the character of the bicycle. I’ve ridden over 1,400 miles on this bicycle since I bought it.

2. Major Tom

Major Tom is a BSA ‘Prima’ 10-speed road bike made in 1982, the same year I was born. His name refers to both Tom Simpson and the character in David Bowie’s song Space Oddity. I bought this from someone in Derby for £60, which was a remarkable bargain for a Reynolds 531 framed bicycle. After a deep clean the underlying components were perfectly good and everything on this bike bar lights is intended to be period correct. I rode Tom at the Eroica Britannia in 2017. Now a 12-speed with a Vx GT rear derailleur, with a top gear of 52-14 and a bottom gear of 40-32.

3. Goldfinger

photo 21-03-2017 09 23 45 pm

Goldfinger is a 1986/7 BSA folding 3-speed, bought for £30, again from Cannock. The bike was in pretty good condition when I bought it apart from the brakes and tyres, and the seatpost was far too short. I still haven’t really got used to the handling of it, but it’s useful when I need to stuff a bike in the back of my car. The name is obviously inspired by the colour, and because “fold-ginger” didn’t sound quite right. Unbelievably heavy.

4. Bikey McBikeface

A 1980 BSA Tour of Britain, and the second bike I bought. It wasn’t a very good purchase, unrideable and with a slightly bent frame. This build never went anywhere, but the frame and fork are useful for truing wheels.

5. Bobby Burton (name to be confirmed)